Popular Coffee tours in Ethiopia

Popular Coffee Tours in Ethiopia

There have been increasing requests recently for “Coffee Tours”. Witness Ethiopia Tours therefore organizes trips to main coffee growing areas collaborating with the local Coffee Farmers, Cooperative Unions and the regional governments. The tour includes visiting the process of coffee production from planting to harvesting of beans, discussions with the farmers and the experts about processing and marketing.
We have representatives in the main coffee growing areas such as Chiro/ Harar, Jimma/ Kaffa, Welega and Yirga chefee and Wanado / Sidamo regions.

Witness Ethiopia Tours organizes trips to these remote, lush green, scenic and friendly areas. The trip can be arranged separately or combined with the other part of the country.
These Tour Programs with their detailed itineraries and corresponding prices are available on request. These Coffee Tour Programs we put on our site are only the few and popular routes for the visitors. Witness Ethiopia Tours makes Itineraries based on your interest, time and budget. We can organize expeditions to several off-the beaten track sites of interest.

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Witness Ethiopia Tours is a privately owned Tour Operator that offers varieties of activities that Ethiopia is known for. Witness Ethiopia Tours is one of the strongest tour operators in Ethiopia, engaged in bringing visitors from all over the world. We believe in high standards of service.

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