14 Days Natural and Cultural Tour

14 Days Natural and Cultural Tour

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Historic Route & Omo Valley tribal Ethiopia trip / shorter version

Discover the former Abyssinia, the legendary home of the Queen of Sheba, and be enchanted by the cultural and religious diversity of Ethiopia. Along the “Historic Route” Northern Ethiopia to take a journey through the exciting and fascinating history of the country and meet with 3000 year old relics of African civilization.

First, you go to Bahir Dar to the monasteries on the islands in Lake Tana and the spectacular waterfalls of the Blue Nile. A visit to the old royal city of Gondar will inspire you as well as the drive along the spectacular mountain road to the Semien Mountains, the mysterious “roof of Africa”, with its endemic fauna. Then it’s in the historic capital of the ancient Ethiopian kingdom of Axum, the supposed resting place for the Ark of the Covenant and its world-famous steles. The undoubted highlight of the trip is to visit the legendary monolithic rock churches of Lalibela, who were beaten by hand from the rock. Then visit the indigenous people in the south that will impress some with stunning hairstyles and precipitated body jewelry. At the Omo River you meet the Mursi, whose women are known for their lip plate jewelry. An ideal blend of cultural and natural experiences! All accommodation in good middle class hotels.


• All the highlights of a trip to Northern Ethiopia
• Addis Ababa – the “new flower” Ethiopia
• Legendary monastery islands in Lake Tana
• Spectacular waterfalls of the Blue Nile
• Former Palace district of Gondar
• Wild beauty of the Semien Mountains
• Former royal city of Axum Lalibela

• Rock Churches (UNESCO)
• Overnight stays in hotels or lodges
• An Ethiopian festivals revised travel dates
• Fascinating people of the Hamer, Mursi and Dassanech, Karo
• Mark colorful bustle of Key Afer, Turmi and Dimeka
• Mago and Nechi Sar National Park

Day 1 Addis Ababa: Evening arrival in Addis Ababa and transfer to hotel. OVERNIGHT at the hotel. Debre Damo Hotel / Panorama Hotel / Saro Marya Hotel
Day 2 Addis Ababa – Bahir Dar: Fly to Bahirdar
The beautiful, palm-fringed town of Bahir Dar is situated at the southern end of Lake Tana. In the morning, visit the Tis-ISSAT waterfalls of the Blue Nile and in the afternoon you can enjoy a relaxing boat trip to two famous churches on the lake, in their treasuries precious icons, bibles and Coptic crosses are kept. OVERNIGHT at Jacaranda Hotel, Summerland Hotel. (B /-/ D)
Day 3 Bahir Dar – Gondar: Take a trip to the former residence of Emperor Haile Selassie I, and enjoy a panoramic view from here on the Blue Nile, Lake Tana and the town of Bahir Dar. Then go to the imperial city of Gondar, which was founded in 1632 by the Emperor Fasilidas and was a center of Ethiopian art, literature and science for many decades. OVERNIGHT at the hotel. Taye Belay Hotel / Quara Hotel (Takes about 3 to 4 hours). (B /-/ D)
Day 4 Gondar – Axum: You fly Gondar to Axum. Visit of Axum, , the former capital of the kingdom, is a center of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. From the heyday of the Axumite kingdom come, the 30-meter-high grave stelae. St. Mary’s Church, the original Tablets of the Law of Moses to be saved. The tour of the ruins of former palaces, royal tombs, the “Bath of the Queen of Sheba” and other interesting buildings are now on the agenda. OVERNIGHT as the day before. (B /-/ D)
Day 5 Axum – Lalibela: A short flight across the mountain plateau to reach Lalibela. In the afternoon visit the first group of the rock-hewn out 11 monolithic churches. This world-famous rock-hewn churches, King Lalibela early 13th Century built. OVERNIGHT at the hotel. Lal Hotel / Panoramic View Hotel (B /-/ D)
Day 6 Lalibela: Visit the second group of the rock-hewn 11 monolithic churches. This world-famous rock-hewn churches built by King Lalibela in early 13th Century. OVERNIGHT at the hotel. Lal Hotel / Panoramic View Hotel (B /-/ D)
Day 7 Lalibela – Lake Hawassa: Fly back to Addis Ababa, where you will meet your driver who will take you into the Rift Valley to Hawassa Lake. On a short hike you can enjoy the nature with countless species of birds and mammals, such as discovering the imposing black-and-white colobus monkeys. Or explore the area on horseback and a dip in the lake billharziosefreien. OVERNIGHT in a hotel. (B /- / D)

Day 8 Visit Dorze-people: Experience today the fascinating culture and unique architecture of the indigenous peoples of the South. They travel first to the village of Wolayta, which is located in a spectacular landscape with green hills, before continuing to Chencha Mountain and visit the Dorze-folk. OVERNIGHT at the hotel in Arbaminch (B / – / D)
Day 9 Nechi Sar NP: In the morning, take a boat trip on the nearby Lake Chamo, where you can watch the biggest crocodiles in Africa, hippos and birds. Then you drive to the Omo valley region to a town called Jinka. On your way you visit various ethnic groups such as the Konso, Derase, Tsemey , Ari and Hamar. Afterwards, stroll through the colorful weekly market in KeyAfer. OVERNIGHT at Hotel in JINKA . (B / – / D)
Day 10 Visit to the Mursi people: The morning will be spent in the Mago National Park was founded in 1971. The area is not only home to many mammals and birds, but also for the people of the Mursi, where the women wear large lip plates and the men decorate their bodies with scars. Afernoon drive to Turmi . Visit one nice village of the Hammer people. OVERNIGHT at Hotel in Turmi . (B / – / D)
Day 11 Visit to Omorate: Your day begins with a visit to the Dassanech in Omorate. Following you will experience at the weekly market in the Turmi Hamer and Karo up close in action. Then you learn the culture of Hamar on a visit in your villages can better know and may even participate in a traditional wedding ceremony. In the afternoon you are on your way to visit the small ethnic group of diamonds on the Omo River. Particularly impressive are their body paintings and decorations scars. OVERNIGHT as the day before. (B / – / D)
Day 12 Drive Turmi to Arbaminch: Today you marvel the Konso village’s enroute to Arbaminch. The Konso are famous for their old and unique terracing, unusual engraved wooden statues of Konso grave markers. The consolidation created a unique cultural landscape by terracing the hill slopes to the intensive cultivation and irrigation of crops. The unusual interaction between man and nature, was honored in June 2011 with the appointment as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. OVERNIGHT at the hotel in Arbaminch (B / – / D)
Day 13 Arba Minch – Addis Ababa: Drive back to Addis Ababa. The evening goes with a traditional meal with a beautiful dance performance at the end. OVERNIGHT at the hotel. (B / – / D)
Day 14 Departure: Transfer to the airport and flight back to home. Arrival in the afternoon. (B/-/-)

Travel Price
Based on 2 people: 2580 USD per person – with 1 jeep to south Ethiopia
Based on 4 people: 2100 USD per person
Based on 5 – 7 people: 2300 USD per person – with 2 jeeps
Based on 8 -11 people: XXX USD per person – with 3 jeeps
Based on 12 – 15 people: XXX USD per person – with 4 jeeps

SRS (Single room Supplement) = 270 USD
For 8 and more people please contact us for a better price.

• 4 domestic flight including tax (Addis – Bahirdar, Gondar – Axum, Axum – Lalibela, Lalibela – Addis )
• English speaking professional tour guide ( for 5 and more people )
• All trips in private vehicles
• Boat trip on the Lake Tana & Lake Chamo
• Hotel rooms on a double rooms
• All entrance fees as per itinerary
• Meals: half board ( BREAKFAST and DINNER ONLY )
• Embarkation fee for cars
• Local guides at all destinations
• Drinking water and non alcoholic drinks during meals

Not included in the performance
Meals and drinks not mentioned; visa (approx. U.S. $ 20), optional tours, photo and video fees; gratuities; Personal nature expenses.

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