National Parks & Sanctuaries

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With 14 major wildlife reserves, Ethiopia provides a microcosm of the entire sub-Saharan ecosystem. Birdlife abounds, and indigenous animals from the rare Walia Ibex to the shy wild ass, roam free just as nature intended. Ethiopia, after the rains, is a land decked with flowers and with many more native plants than most countries in Africa.

Here are listed the national parks and their attractive features.

Abiyata-Shala national park

Abiyata Shala national park has been reserved for aquatic bird species like the great white pelicans and greater and lesser flamingo. Lake Abiyata is particularly the source of food for the water birds and Lake Shala is the breeding colony of great white pelicans.

Awash national park

Awash national park is located in the northern part of the Great Rift Valley, 225 km east of Addis Ababa. The wildlife consists of mainly of Beisa Oryx, lesser kudu, Hamadryas baboon and also around 400 species of birds in the park.

Bale mountains national park

Bale mountains national park, which is found in south eastern Ethiopia at about 400 km from Addis Ababa. The mountains are most famous as home and refuge for the endemic Mountain Nyala and red fox, both these mammals occur in reasonable numbers enable visitors to see beautiful animals while trekking around the Senetti plateau.

Gambella national park

Gambella National Park lays in the western part of the country is the biggest national park in the country. The natural environment of Gambella national park has contributed to the presence of wide variety of wildlife, including the big mammals and birds.

Mago national park

The Mago national park is located southwest of Addis Ababa close to the Kenyan border. The park is on the eastern bank of Omo River, mainly grass savannah and some forested areas around the river, mostly seen are plain animals.

Netchsar national park

The name Netchsar means "white grasses" and refers to the central grassy plain which was established as a sanctuary for the endemic Swayne Hartbeest, an endangered sub-species throughout Ethiopia. Other wildlife in the park includes hippo, zebra, crocodile and different kinds of birds.

Omo national park

Omo national park is located adjacent to the Mago national park by the western bank of the Omo River. The park is one of the richest wild life sanctuaries in Ethiopia. Omo national park is the home of big game animals like lions, leopard, cheetah, elephant, zebra and giraffe. More than three hundred species of birds are in habited the park including the endemic black-winged lovebird.

Semien mountains national park

The Semien mountain highlands constitute of the major mountain massifs in Africa. The region most marvellous of all Ethiopian landscapes includes the highest point in Ethiopia, the Ras Dashen, at 4543 meters ASL, the 4th highest mountain in Africa. The Semien mountain massif is the home to Walia Ibex, red fox and Chelada Baboon all are endemic to Ethiopia.